Баскетболистът на Бруклин Кайри Ървинг е дал $323 000 на организацията Feeding America, съобщават медиите отвъд океана.

Feeding America е организация с нестопанска цел, която има национална мрежа от над 200 хранителни банки, които помагат на повече от 46 млн. души чрез кухни, приюти и други обществени организации.

Освен това, Кайри Ървинг, в партньорство с City Harvest NYC, е закупил храна за 250 000 нюйоркчани, които изпитват трудности във времена на пандемията от коронавирус.

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Thank you all for the birthday love, I’m extremely grateful for the support. Seeing the effects of COVID-19 reach our loved ones, our schools, our jobs, and access to food has really impacted me. I am excited to partner with @feedingamerica and @lineagelogistics to launch the Share A Meal campaign to help marginalized communities get the food resources they require during this time, and to work with our local partner @cityharvestnyc to distribute 250k meals to my neighbors in need across the NY area. In addition to that I am donating $323k to Feeding America and @lineagelogistics will match $200k of what we raise together. I am asking my fans, friends, family and partners to join me in helping our communities by donating at the link in my bio. Thank you to everyone on the front line working to keep all of us safe, healthy, and fed. Together we can change the world one small gesture at a time.

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